Bshs 342 week 1 quiz

Bound by experts, they are its services.

Bshs 342 week 1 quiz

Create a to slide presentation discussing how technology assists in linking clients to services. Include a discussion of the following topics in your presentation: Identify three technologies that increase client accessibility to services, such as biometric, digital alerts, smart cards, and microchips.

At least one should be an online technology helping clients assess online resources. For each technology, explain which population is targeted, the advantages and disadvantages, and the process for the client to access the technology. How do you think this technology impacts service delivery?

Are the resources easy to locate? Discuss how you found this information. Go to the Invoice Report worksheet and create an invoice report that can be printed for a selected client showing the dates that they were seen at the facility and the amount due.

The Learning Team should research a minimum of three states.

Bshs 342 week 1 quiz

Identify the assistive technologies available to special needs populations in your state. What types of assistive technologies are available? What healthcare educational resources are available to special needs populations? Does your state provide a comprehensive database of services and technologies available?

How do special needs populations access services in your state? What additional assistive technology is available that is not currently used in your selected states? What are the challenges to implement the technology?

Bshs 342 week 1 quiz

The paper should also include the following information: Describe how the Americans with Disabilities Act of affects human services. Compare and contrast the way each state provides assistive technology and educational resources? Based on what you learned about various states, what are some recommendations to enhance the way the assistive technology and educational resources are made available?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Conduct an Internet search for at least three online therapy sites. Write a 1, to 1,word paper in which you discuss the content in each site, the professionals involved, and how the actual online interaction occurs.


Explain how professional associations and state regulatory boards address, treat, and refer to online therapy. Discuss related security issues and ethical issues, such as informed consent and confidentiality.

Discuss how client data is protected in an online therapy setting.

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Include your opinion of the advantages and disadvantages of online therapy services. This includes citing all of your sources, including your online sources.Click the button below to add the BSHS week 1 Team Assignment Quiz on APA Style & Formatting to your wish list.

This document of BSHS Week 1 Quiz includes: Describe the meaning of human development with substantial content, and explain some of the factors that have stimulated research in this a few brief paragraphs, explain who Jean Piaget was, and why he is important in Human monstermanfilm.come and Contrast in a few brief paragraphs Vygotsky and do .

QNT Week 1 Practice Set. Complete the Week 1 Practice Set problems. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.. Practice Set 1. Practice Set 1. The following table lists the number of deaths by cause as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on February 6, Complete the University of Phoenix Material: The Etiology of Addiction Quiz.

Submit your completed quiz for grading. Please title your quiz as follows: Your Name Quiz. _____ serve as the chemical messengers of our brain. True or False: The area of the brain in .

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BSHS Historical Development of Human Services: An Introduction