A reflection on are same sex colleges still relevant

Even though 20 states and counting now recognize same-sex marriages, gay people struggle with a number of other institutional barriers to their freedoms on a daily basis.

A reflection on are same sex colleges still relevant

While many students benefit from these types of schools, they are not for everyone. As with any college or university, it is important to research the school, ask questions, tour the campusetc. To help you decide on whether or not a single-sex college is a good match, check out these pros and cons.

Pros Proponents of all-female and all-male colleges believe that single-sex education allows students to: Be more focused on academics.

Is There Still a Need for Women's Colleges?

In co-ed colleges and universities, many students can become side-tracked by members of the opposite sex. Some students may pay more attention to that cute guy or girl in their psychology class than lectures.

Because of this, their grades may begin to suffer. In all-female and all-male colleges, there is more focus on student goals and less on dating. People in favor of single-sex education suggest that a single-gender environment allows for a more conducive learning experience with fewer distractions for both males and females.

Some students, particularly female students, are more comfortable expressing themselves among the company of other members of the same sex. When these students are not worried about trying to impress members of the opposite sex, they are more willing to express their opinions during classroom discussions, group projectsetc.

This allows the students to gain more self-confidence and helps them overcome their insecurities. Take on non-stereotypical leadership roles.


Males in single-sex schools have opportunities to take on leadership positions in what would normally be considered female activities and vice versa. For example, males may feel more comfortable studying or taking leadership roles in the arts, while females may take leadership roles in male dominated areas, such as student government or engineering.

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Cons Critics of single-sex colleges argue that these types of schools: Do not prepare students for real life. It's inevitable that males and females will have to work with each other at some point during their careers.

Many people argue that a single-sex education deprives students the opportunity to learn how to work well with members of the opposite sex. Opponents of single-gender colleges not only believe that the experience will hinder males and females from learning how to work well with each other but also hinder them socially.

Those students who may attend a single-sex college and do not interact with members of the opposite sex outside of school may have a difficult time understanding the opposite gender. This may prove detrimental to these students when dating or forming friendships.

As previously mentioned, single-gender colleges are not for everyone. Only you can decide if this type of college is a good fit for your learning ability and personality.A co-sponsor of the provision allowing school districts to use grants for same-sex schools and classrooms was former New York Senator Hillary Clinton, who cast single-sex education as furthering.

May 30,  · In the initial reflection piece, Christy argued that "pornography, premarital sex, adultery, sexual assault, the objectification of women, and same-sex activity all exemplify the brokenness of sexual desire and expression."Occupation: CP Reporter. Colleges (+) Abilene Christian University; Acadia University; American University of Sharjah; Even if you’re not in the same room or dorm building as your close friends, you are still close enough to walk to their room and see what they’re doing.

Just think about how amazing that is. Oct 07,  · > Are single-sex colleges still relevant? COLLEGE CHOICE.

Not all same-sex colleges feel the same though.

A reflection on are same sex colleges still relevant

Patrick White, the president of Wabash College, a private men’s college in . Below are the nation’s fifty best schools for LGBTQ identified students. While some schools are renowned Ivy Leagues, others are small liberal arts colleges, and still others large public schools, they all share one thing in common despite the difference of size .

The specifics of same-sex marriage may not have been protected before recently in California, but that’s a question of whether it’s a new right, not a new class of rights.

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